Feature of the week

Blessing of the Animals

Join us this Sunday, September 14 at 4:00 pm in the Praise Center Garden to bless our pets.

Recent News

  • Wear Your Clothes

    My older brother was a sleep walker. One night he walked right out of the house and down the street, it was a hot summer night. He walked several houses... more

  • I Need Some Cows

    I have a preacher friend who also happens to have a ranch. He says that his greatest spiritual time of the week is when he is out in the pasture preaching... more

  • Quicken Loans Brings Slow Burn

    About a month ago I made the terrible mistake of filling out a questionnaire on Facebook concerning refinancing. About midway through the questions I... more

  • Independence Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

    I grew up a child with vision deficiencies. In other words I could not see! When I wanted to ride a bicycle, my eye doctor advised my parents against... more

  • How Does A Garden Grow?

    I am so excited about a little plot of dirt and the heart and faith of some children of God. Not too long ago two very talented women of our church in... more

  • Celebrating One’s Faith

    My wife enjoys watching a program called The Long Island Medium. It is one of those “reality shows”. I use that term very loosely, because the show... more

  • Someone, Please Clip His Wings!

    When I was in seminary my roommate had a cockatiel, we called Chicken. Chicken loved me. Chicken would spend hours climbing up my arm as I studied where... more


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