Feature of the week

Potato Drop Cancelled

We regret to inform you that the Potato Drop which was due to take place on Saturday, October 11 at First United Methodist Church-Orange has been cancelled. The growers were unable to yield a crop for... more>

Recent News

  • Wear Your Clothes

    My older brother was a sleep walker. One night he walked right out of the house and down the street, it was a hot summer night. He walked several houses... more

  • I Need Some Cows

    I have a preacher friend who also happens to have a ranch. He says that his greatest spiritual time of the week is when he is out in the pasture preaching... more

  • Quicken Loans Brings Slow Burn

    About a month ago I made the terrible mistake of filling out a questionnaire on Facebook concerning refinancing. About midway through the questions I... more

  • Independence Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be

    I grew up a child with vision deficiencies. In other words I could not see! When I wanted to ride a bicycle, my eye doctor advised my parents against... more

  • How Does A Garden Grow?

    I am so excited about a little plot of dirt and the heart and faith of some children of God. Not too long ago two very talented women of our church in... more

  • Celebrating One’s Faith

    My wife enjoys watching a program called The Long Island Medium. It is one of those “reality shows”. I use that term very loosely, because the show... more

  • Someone, Please Clip His Wings!

    When I was in seminary my roommate had a cockatiel, we called Chicken. Chicken loved me. Chicken would spend hours climbing up my arm as I studied where... more


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