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Seafarers’ Boxes

Missions packed 100 shoe boxes and > donated bibles for the Seafarers coming into the port of Beaumont from > around the world. We accept donations year round of wash rags, razors, > pens, note pads,... more>

Recent News

  • November Pulls at Our Heartstrings

    We are told to support this cause or that cause. November is a month we are asked to be thankful. Right now my head is shaved showing my moral support... more

  • Teach Your Children Well

    I was disturbed this week by what I have seen on the news. No that is not the whole truth I am disturbed by what I see happening in our classrooms. Well... more

  • Man Cannot Live on Bread Alone

    Matthew 4:44 says, Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'”... more

  • A Ring around the Tub

    Jeremiah was not one to paint a rosy picture for the people of God. Yet, Jeremiah is often called the prophet of hope, the true hope. But before we discover... more

  • Appreciation Goes a Long Way

    Someone told me a joke that I have heard many times and you have too but I am going to share it again. A mother went to wake her son for church one Sunday... more

  • Face to Face with Secret Service

    It was a warm sunny fall day on the Emory University campus in Atlanta, Georgia, it was hard to find a place to park because former President Jimmy Carter... more

  • Killing Moses: You Can’t Hide From God

    Bill O’Reilly has been known for his news programs on the FOX station but in recent years he has gained prominence for his series of books about famous... more


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