Feature of the week

“The People VS. Judas Iscariot”

Join us Sundays as we watch the age old drama between grace and justice come alive during our Lenten drama series. We have transformed the Slade Chapel into a courtroom for the two worship services. ... more>

Recent News

  • Are Pastors Supposed to Have Fun?

    Some people would say absolutely not! I learned this from experience. I was the Associate Pastor of a large Houston church where my duties included... more

  • People Watching

    My wife and I enjoy watching people. People are the most interesting creatures of all because we have the capacity and the ability to do so much. We... more

  • The Right Call

    What a difference a year makes. Last year we were coming off the Super-bowl win and we were celebrating with the Seahawks. I remember the Mardi Gras... more

  • Thankful for the Brave Among Us

    My wife and I just saw the movie “American Sniper”. It was a gripping movie. I think one of the things that director, Clint Eastwood tried to portray... more

  • Mary Gray

    No one in my life represents the life of Frances of Assisi more than this gentle lady. As a boy I knew her as the woman behind the counter at the meat... more

  • 100 Articles Later

    When Karen Stevens said to me, “How would you like to write an article for the newspaper?” I never thought I would be writing so long? I thought... more

  • Make Your Blue Christmas Green and Red

    I have only been married for 4 years. I have learned a lot of things in that time. I have always been in awe of pastors with families and wondered how... more


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