Evangelism is the ministry that is responsible for spreading the good news of Jesus Christ both inside and outside the church.  The focus is to develop an atmosphere that reaches out and empowers our members to invite others to join us in a profession of faith and living a Christian lifestyle. 

Communications/Publicity is an important role within evangelism by assisting the church, its members and committees by communicating the on-goings of the church internally and externally.  

The Evangelism team meets the second Monday of every month from 6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. in the Praise Center.

Meeting Minutes

  • Meeting Minutes – Evangelism August 25, 2011

    The meeting specifically concerned reviewing our experience with this year’s LAST BLAST.

    Those in attendance: Ginger Williams, Danielle Heil, Beverly Millsap, Ken Hillsten, Davie Thompson

    Outside Games: Went well.

    Bingo: Went well – had 30+ playing, some of them being young people.

    Snow Cones – A favorite with our guests.

    Links/Hot Dogs: Ran out of links right after 7 p.m

    Buns: Had to purchase additional buns.

    Potato Salad: All but 2 cups used.

    Pickles: Ran out – purchased an additional large jar – they were used.

    Ice Cream Sandwiches: Went in a hurry.

    Registration: Set-up worked well. Using the board for posting door prizes was much better.

    Socks/Underwear: Next time, move the socks/underwear to the corner at the back of the big room to cut down the congestion in the hallway

    Hair Cuts: The hair cutters moved to the meeting room upstairs because it was too hot in the foyer. Approximately 30 cuts were done.

    Set-up: If the Sheriff’s department is part of LB next time, they need to be in a location set apart. There were lines of kids waiting. They do need electricity.

    Expense: As of meeting date, total expense for LB 2011 $883.24 (this should be the total cost), staying within the Evangelism Budget Line Item.

    Recap: 22 Resource Groups; 30 hair cuts; 53 fingerprints by Sheriff;s Department for register; 120 families registered; 251 children registered for S/U/ 68 church members working/participating.

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  • Meeting Minutes – Evangelism July 11, 2011

    Evangelism-Communications/Publicity Committee Meeting 07-11-11

    Those in attendance: Ginger Williams, Greg Defrates, Michael Lafley, Beverly Millsap, Davie Thompson

    Meeting opened with prayer.

    COMMUNICATIONS/PUBLICITY: Last Blast will be the next “Spotlight” feature. Ginger will assist Doug on publicity for the upcoming dinner theater.

    LAST BLAST: Plans are coming together. A lot of help from membership will be needed. Last Blast is scheduled for Saturday, 08-13 from 6-8 p.m.

    MEMBERSHIP: Much discussion on the results of contacts with those regularly attending members who have not returned in attendance. We will make contact with irregularly attending members who have not returned and also those with special circumstances. The committee will pass this information on to John and work closely with him on making other contacts, etc.

    POST CARDS: Twenty-three post cards were addressed for mailing to members who have missed 3-5 consecutive times from services.

    VISITORS: After discussion on making more contact with visitors other than first time visitors, a “catchy” insert to be placed in the registration pads will be created. We’ll also begin sending cards we have to all visitors when addresses, info are available. There was also discussion on how to get visitors and members to sign the registration forms.

    Other: Assigning Shepherds for our new member families was done.

    Also name suggestions for committee member replacements will be given to the Nominations Committee for consideration.

    Our monthly meeting time will be changed back to 6 pm.

    Meeting adjourned.

  • Meeting Minutes – Evangelism May 9, 2011

    Communications/Publicity: Ginger has agreed to do communications/publicity for a few months. A new feature for the Newsletter will now appear in each Newsletter

    Last Blast: The first planning meeting was held Thursday, 04-28 . Several definite decisions were made. The date and time – Saturday 08-13 from 6-8 p.m.

    Church Garage Sale: Lisa, our representative on this committee, reported the Sale will be Friday 06-17 and Saturday 06-18 both from 7:30 a.m.- 1 p.m

    Members: Officially we have thus far in 2011 4 new members (including 3 Confirmands), 15 have been removed from membership

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  • Meeting Minutes – Evangelism March 13, 2011

    Communications/Publicity: The upgrade of the Youth Page on the website is progressing. Don reported that he is not getting a good recording of the 11:00 service for the website
    Art In The Park: This event is Saturday, 03-26. Our set-up will be in
    the same location as last year – in front of the west fence of the
    theater on Main Street
    Session on Committees: This is scheduled for Sunday, 04-03 during SS time – 9:50-10-50. The location has been changed to the round tables in the PC, due to a group being the Malloy on the Saturday and there being no time for setting up. Leighia Barron-Education Chair and Ellen Wiemers, Mission Chair will give talks on their committees.
    Rainbow Room Sunday: Brandi Kolander will give a brief talk on the Rainbow Room at each service on Sunday 03-20. Flyers on their Wish List will be distributed at each service.
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